Don’t Be Disappointed

Every January I set goals for the New Year.  Often they have something to do with my aspired level of fitness or how I feel my diet is going.  This year I tried to push myself further out of my comfort zone, set goals that were scary, and as I say often, “suck it up buttercup”.  I wanted to spend more time giving back and reaching out to the industry that I love. I wanted to honor my craft with the attention it deserves and maybe inspire a few people along the way.

First…a reality check.  What does this mean, Angie? Do you have time for something else? Does anyone even care about my opinion? (and I don’t mean that in a sad pathetic way, just a realistic one.)

It dawned on me that I needed to remind myself of what I often remind new cooks:

Don’t be disappointed.  You will encounter so many different kinds of people in this business.  Not everyone will be as committed, passionate or determined as you. Don’t let them distract you from your goals.  Dig down deep and resist the urge to be mediocre because it’s easier.  Remember why you started.  Learn a lesson from every person you can, even if it’s what not to do. Be true to yourself.  Stand on your own two feet.  Thank the people that help you. Spend time building people up instead of tearing them down.  Find a little time to catch your breath and do something that makes you feel like yourself.  This business can be full of late nights and poor decisions if you let it.  Don’t let it.  Care about your body.  Fuel it with positive vibes and real food. It will return the favor.  One good decision leads to the next, and everything is connected.

Remind yourself often that you will get out of life what you put in…even if the rewards aren’t instant.

Above all else, make YOURSELF proud.

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  • Ivonne

    “Don’t let them distract you from your goals”
    “Not everyone will be as committed, passionate or determined as you.” “Find a little time to catch your breath and do something and make something that makes feel like YOURSELF “
    Beba, always remember that you are unique, ⭐️that your STAR have a very powerful shine, that some people will try to creat shadows because most of the time they want their star to shine likes yours!!! be strong and powerful 🌟🌟
    you are special soul!!! Let’s your soul dance free and in peace✨✨✨besitos and I love you always 💝💝👏🏻👏🏻😘😘😘

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