If you’re not using Jacobsen sea salt, you’re doing it wrong.


Everyone always asks a chef that question we never know how to answer.  “What’s your favorite thing to cook?” When I’m asked, I always need to narrow it down to a category or two; even then, it still seems so hard.  Here’s why…. most chefs cook based on inspiration. Inspiration can come from the season, region, a trip to a favorite market, a favorite foodie find or, for me, how something is packaged. We are impulsive creatures. Present moment: I am entirely in love with the Jacobsen Salt Company. Their pristine crystals make me feel inspired, and I love that.

Regardless of whether you are a chef, home cook, tinkering mixologist or everyday Joe, Jacobsen deserves to be your only salt.  From Netarts Bay, Oregon, they passionately craft a deliciously flaky, clean salt that is a must for every pantry and pinch bowl. The water in the bay has very few freshwater inputs, giving rise to its briny goodness. Being the region in Oregon known for supplying some of the world’s best oysters means the water which is used to make the salt is filtered through some delicious rocky bivalves. Ben Jacobsen’s shiny, pristine, hand-harvested and hand-inspected crystals are the first in all of the northwest.

I use Jacobsen salts exclusively. The coarse variety lives in one of the many grinders I frequent. The finishing salt is in my favorite olive wood pinch bowl.  The black garlic jar has a permanent home on my “desk” aka my thick and very well-worn kitchen cutting board. Anything I elevate with this salt feels like a fresh pair of sneakers pulled to be worn for the very first time, newly born and full of potential (ly, perfect outfits.) I use these salts in everything -from a simple clean vinaigrette, grass fed bone broth, umami perfection for baked wings or my favorite, post-gym avocado smash. I’m addicted, and you will be, too.  I’ve ordered 3 jars in the last 60 days.


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