new year, same me

2018 was a blur…really, it was. We won some awards for the restaurant.  I won Restauranteur of the Year. I was asked to sit on the board of the RI Hospitality Education Foundation…both, really cool things that made me feel pretty fuzzy. I wrote four restaurant menus, a handful of special tasting menus….and tried out dozens of new dishes.  I researched, read and taught myself some new tricks.

Mostly…I learned.

I learned about the vegan lifestyle. (because the guests wanted menu options…I still love meat!)  I learned that writing a blog is harder than I thought. I learned that my gut is right, and I should always trust it.  I learned that I have an effect on people I didn’t necessarily know I did…so, I should always be mindful. I learned that I have fans, cheerleaders and amazing mentors that I want to make sure I always make proud.  I learned to say what I mean, no matter what. I learned that everyone carries something with them, and it’s really important to be kind.

I could go on and on with all these lessons, but you would be bored.  the biggest lesson was that no matter what, I’m the same old me, and I like that.

Evolving always, but no change to the core.

Oh, and one more thing.  2019 is going to be quite a year.  I couldn’t be more excited.


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  • Babs

    Hi Angie,
    I am thrilled that all your hard work Is getting recognized – it’s certainly deserves accolades. The team of you and Jeanine have created a very very special place. I’m excited for the both of you for the year ahead. We are always evolving and coming to understand ourselves and our place in the world more fully. At the core of everything is commitment to quality and kindness. If those qualities can be imbued in your staff, then you will always have a successful restaurant. Congrats to all who have helped make Blackie’s so special.

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