thanks for the great meal guys

I’m annoyed.  

Listen, I get what everyone thinks……I’m a chef, hence, I’m super critical of every morsel I put in my mouth.  Hard to please, scary to cook for…I’ve heard it all before

The thing is, it simply isn’t true.  I’m also an everyday girl, looking for tasty, everyday food that’s comforting.  Last night is a perfect example. Ooooo I’m so mad. I can’t wait to tell you.

I wasn’t feeling very fantastic, so after my afternoon/ early evening obligations we took a proactive night off in hopes of rest before a busy restaurant weekend.  J.I. went to grab take out at what I would call, one of the city’s most “high end” spots. We made the choice for a couple of simple reasons….

  1. it was close to where we were
  2. it had simple options, and I wanted something comforting
  3. I wanted soup, and there is one on the menu that I love..

the. food. was. terrible.  

It was tasteless, unseasoned and shameful honestly.  

This place has a chef, and I’m sure a very well paid one.  

A chef doesn’t accidentally “forget” to season a piece of meat or a vegetable…and by seasoning, all I’m asking for is a little salt and pepper.  

How do you serve a chicken breast that has never been given any oz. of love for $30? No marinade? No brine? No sauce? No seasoning? Out of the package and into the oven you go nice chicken. I have zero respect for you chicken.

A chef doesn’t serve lumpy, tasteless mashed potatoes.  

Do you know why?

Because they tasted them!

…or, they didn’t’.

I’d be crucified on social media if that dish came from my kitchen, and I’d deserve it, no doubt.

Come on guys, you’ve got to be kidding me.  You better step up your game.

There’s this new, cool place coming, you see.  Just out of town, but well worth the 15-minute drive.

And, I guarantee they know how to use salt and pepper.


p.s. a chef also doesn’t dress a to-go salad.

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  • Babs

    That terrible meal will be forever seared into your consciousness. It was actually a gift to you. You will inspire and impress upon your staff how you FELT when you experienced this terrible food. You will ensure with every bone of your being that any paricle of food that leaves your kitchen will be top notch tasty. You’ve set a high standard for your staff…your loyal patrons are tbe beneficiaries.
    Keep nuturing your team…keep your passion and commitment simmering. We are blessed to have such a great restaurant and staff in our midst. THANK YOU !

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