the cool kids

One of the best tips I’ve learned is to surround yourself by people with passion.  you know, the real deal, good people who care…about something. you don’t even have to have appreciation for the “something” they are passionate about…choose them, no matter what.  Those people are the people you need to be your people. these are the true, cool kids in my eyes, and I’ve learned so much from all of them….


The allergen free baker/owner.

This guy is a super cool kid.  he built his business based on hard work and standing behind a niche he thought worthwhile….way before it was a “thing”.  He is still “live” in his bakery and store 11 years later when he may not necessarily “need to be”.  See, that’s the thing about the cool kids…they keep it pumpin’ the same way even after the success has landed. This guy and his wife invest into their business by putting money back in. They’ve found ways to make things more streamlined, more efficient, smarter….they come up with new ideas and they try them out….they don’t rest on their laurels.


The brand manager.

This chick is one of the coolest I know.  She busts her ass to make other people look good.  She stays ahead of the trends. She wakes up early and she grinds.  She does her research, keeps it current and is somehow still the life of the party even if she’s “working” the party.  She’s bold, courageous and confident all on her own. No matter what is thrown her way, she has “an attitude of gratitude”, and she is always positive


The trainer/gym owner.

She’s relentlessly working hard. She’s at work long before her team and long after.  She pushes herself. She is disciplined and that, in itself, is a huge motivator. She puts in the work, and, in turn, makes everyone around her want to do the same.  She gets it, and there’s not an awful lot of people who do.


The established mentors.

This couple spent years “trying things out” together to see what would stick. They figured out ways to make money that no one would have ever thought of….and they worked their asses off.  They failed. They succeeded. They always got back up. They extended their hands on numerous occasions to help a young, first time business owner they just happened to believe in. They are admirable, powerful, giving and smart… all in one classy package.  I am motivated by them on a daily basis.


Make the investment in yourself by choosing your company wisely. Have a vision of where you want to be and surround yourself with people who can help you get there. Then close your mouth and listen.  Really listen, take it all in, maybe take a damn note. I take them all the time. Be humble, work hard, and I guarantee, you can be a cool kid too.

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  • Caitlin Ryan

    Angie, I’ve been coming to Blackie’s for over two years now, (I drive 45 mins just for your amazing turkey pub sandwich.) As someone with dietary restrictions, when I came to your restaurant, not only did I see An incredible and inspiring menu, but I saw An appreciation for people who have dietary restrictions/ or want to eat healthier. You have no idea the gift you give me by allowing me to have a gluten free/dairy free meal that tastes INSANELY GOOD And I know Won’t make me sick?!? You’re one of my favorite people even though we’ve never met, because I see your passion and full blown desire to continue hustling and creating these incredible dishes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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