the damn paper towel machine

Every commercial kitchen has its fair share of places to wash your hands.  If not, you’re askin’ for a health department violation. There are hand sinks on each end of the line, obviously in the bathrooms, behind the bar…everywhere you go.  You know what there isn’t though?


Without a doubt, every time I use the restroom or every time I go to wash my hands, I am infuriated by the fact that this always happens.  I wish you could ask my staff or see me standing there, first tapping on the machine, trying to flirt with the stupid sensor, always hoping it’s just a fluke.  Nope, never is. Now what? Yell at everyone? Drip dry and try to wrestle on my next pair of gloves? Dry my hands off on my less than clean apron?….EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Why is it so hard in life to do the simple things? Use the last of the tp?….get a new roll.  Use the toothpaste?….screw the cap on. Wake up, brush your teeth. Why is everyone so lazy? (yes I truly believe I come into contact with people on the regular who don’t to the latter)

The problem is, no one thinks it’s their job.  The servers in the front of the house consistently use the same sink as the kitchen staff to wash their hands in between trips dropping off dishes to the dish room and running food to your table.  Do they notice there are no paper towels?

These machines come with a little key to open up the hatch and put the new gigantic roll in.  I know you think I’m going to say… one knows where the key is, or they lost it. NOPE. That problem was solved already.  They key is hanging on a piece of string attached to the machine so it can never be lost. As you live your life in this business you always learn to have extra keys to shit like this because everything disappears.  Not this time folks. Danglin’ right there is the damn key.


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