Welcome to the Chef’s Table

A chef’s table is the small tucked away gem sometimes found in a restaurant kitchen reserved for a few guests interested in having an experience, not just a meal.  A bird’s eye view of raw, nitty gritty, real life, flavors and opinions. This experience is brought to you solely by the chef, unaltered and full of twists and turns. The hope is when it’s over that you leave feeling full and inspired.

Hello, I’m Angie. Welcome to the Chef’s Table, I’ll be your chef this evening.

My peeps would tell you I’m a paleo eating, clean living, restaurant chef, and owner. I think they would say I was a pretty nice person too.

I consider myself to be a fresh, inspired chef and fitness fan, obsessed with sneakers, cookbooks, cheffy must-haves, and the search for ultimate balance. I think I give off some good vibes to the people in my life, and I’m proud of that.

I spend my days juggling my grind of being a restaurant chef with an overwhelming desire to inspire my staff and keep their food souls alive while also fueling my own. That second part is the trickiest.

I train in the gym in the morning and on the line in my restaurant kitchen in the evenings, always for the same goal…. to be better. To date, I can sauté circles around all of my cooks (which is always on my radar) and my trainer still likes me. Just sayin.

I wonder how much longer all of this will last?  

Hopefully, a lot. if I continue on this path.  

I truly have never felt better.

In my “downtime” I’m usually home enjoying some much- needed balance with my better half…often still in the kitchen. If I’m not cooking, or working out, you might find me shopping/drooling over inspiring ingredients or a fresh pair of sneakers.

You’ll soon realize as you get to know me that I can’t turn off chef mode, which is sometimes annoying.  But it just doesn’t work like that. If you don’t like it, you won’t like me. So there.

As cheesy as it sounds, I really am just trying to just be a better person on the regular, in any small way possible. I am healthier because I am committed to making the right choices.  A better chef and leader by continuing to practice and be passionately dedicated to my craft. An enthusiastic mentor by fueling my body with real food and water so I can be my best, give my best and feel my most authentic.

I’m not a famous chef, dietician, or Olympic athlete by any means.  I have cheat meals, drink too much tequila from time to time and struggle just like everyone else to drink enough water or not eat french fries. (I love french fries.) I want to roll over and not go to the gym some days too. I’ve fallen off the health wagon, boycotted the gym, and allowed myself to become a stress consumed dehydrated zombie. I’m not perfect.

But for me, it certainly is all connected, and I think I finally have a pretty good grasp on how to keep it that way.

I hope to be a good example of that.




  • Linda Armenise

    This chef is my “baby”. The one person who is constant in my life. The one person I love more than life itself. The person I have held, nurtured and released to become the wonderful woman she is. She is truly amazing. She is the light of my life. She is tender hearted. She is accomplished. She is a family oriented. She honored her grandparents and family members. She stands by my side in times of need. She is a great friend. She is a mentor to her staff. She sees the good in people. She loves her life partner, honors and is true to her. She cares. She is always willing to give her time to help others in need. She will always go the extra mile, even if its the hardest one. She makes me proud. I have seen her grow from a small person who needed a strong role model to becoming the strong woman and role model she has become. Each year on her birthday I celebrate the honor of being her mother. She is now living the life she dreamed of. She is the chef to many but to me, she’s still my baby. Oh, and her food………its to die for!!!

    • admin

      Thank you mom. Thank you for being a wonderful role model and pushing me to achieve my goals. You always told me that I could do whatever I put my mind to….I truly believed you. I appreciate all the encouragement, sacrifices, and all the extra hard work you put in to keeping me on track, always. I love you.

  • Sammy Panice


    Congrats on taking your first steps into the blogosphere. You speak from the heart, there is a clear voice presented in the way your write. I am excited to see what more is in store for you via your new outlet.

    I have always been a fan of the restaurant and make it a point to come by and try whatever amazing local seasonal special you have dreamt up when I do make it back to Rhode Island. It is a very special place with unique experiences, adventure, and a community that is much closer then they may sometimes realize.

    All my best. Keep up the great work.


    • admin

      Thank you for reaching out. My goal was just that, speak the truth and tell the real life story. There is so much that goes into a successful restaurant and chef. I am excited to have an outlet to share my opinions. The next time you are in RI and come to Blackie’s, please have someone grab me from the kitchen so I can say hi. Thanks again!

  • Leslie

    Angie, first let me say your food rocks! Like you, my family and I try to eat the right way and so we don’t eat out that often. We do, however, choose your restaurant more times than not, and we are never dissatisfied! It’s a bitter sweet thing to see your menu change seasonally—say goodbye to a favorite but only to welcome something amazing and new! You’ve really taken things to another level. Keep putting your soul into things and I’m sure you’ll amaze yourself and your hungry customers. Thanks for all you do!☀️

    • admin

      Thank you, people appreciating the food makes me so happy. I don’t know if you are aware but we have a full gluten free and paleo menu at Blackie’s, just as inspired and with just as much effort as our house menu. If you come to visit us, you always have an option to choose something on the cleaner end. Our new menus debut May 3rd…there are so many new dishes to come and try. Im really excited about this menu!

    • admin

      Rocco…. if it hadn’t been for you and Sue, my story would be much much different. Thank you for giving me an incredible opportunity to grow and shine, I will always always appreciate it. You have been an incredible mentor to me and a wonderful friend. Much love and many many thanks always.

  • Jocelyn Griffiths

    Hi Angie,

    I just wanted to thank you for everything you do. Your passion shows in every beautiful, tasty plate that comes from Blackie’s kitchen.

    I tell everyone (including Yelp, Facebook, and Google) that Blackie’s is my favorite restaurant, that I have eaten there many times and have ALWAYS left “fully” satisfied. From the food, to the decor, to the way the staff interacts with each other and the clientele, to the way the menu changes with the seasons (including the drinks!)… Blackie’s is the best place to be.

    I read all the newsletters because I am extremely impressed how you and Jeanine treat your staff, I wish more places treated their people like you. I also like to hear about what is new, and what’s on its way out. I can’t visit Blackie’s as often as I would like (every meal, every day!) but I show up as often as I can, and have sent many people your way… all have reported being impressed and have returned many times…

    Thanks for being great at what you do!

    • admin

      Jocelyn- Thank you! for calling us your favorite, for pointing out our awesome staff…..and obviously for the food comments, I appreciate them all. Jeanine and I strive for excellence everyday in every part of our business and life. We spend time with our staff training, testing, and explaining why every detail is important. We want every guest to leave feeling fulfilled and happy. Thank you for the recommendation to friends, and thank you for being you.

  • Jayson Alvarez

    It is truly an honor to work besides such a talented and devoted Chef….im grateful to be on this journey with you….Urs Truly-Jay

    • admin

      It is also an honor to have a right hand that is passionate, confident, and motivated. I appreciate everything you do to keep the wheels of the Blackie’s machine turning. I also really appreciate you reading my mind so I don’t have to talk so much. You are such an important part of my story…much love, always
      your chef

  • Jane Newberg

    Angie, what a great idea to tell people your story in this fashion. It’s a cool thing to share with people what inspires you, would help you be the person that you are. And you are a great person. Both Donna and I have enjoyed getting to know you over the years as well as Jeanine. You are two great people who clearly love what you do and have worked very hard to get where you are today. We look forward to seeing you both when you new menu comes out! Jane and Donna

    • admin

      You and Donna have been a constant in my life for many many years. You have literally followed my career for almost 15 years now……thank you for that. We also have enjoyed getting to know you and Donna as well. We are so happy to have you as friends.

  • Caroline

    Thanks for the invitation to the Chef’s Table. I am so fortunate to have been on the receiving end of this fabulous experience. You are “the real thing!” Angie, I found your photo in the dictionary under authentic. All my senses are dancing just thinking of the beautiful meals you have prepared and I have had the privilege to savor. You are a culinary genius!

    • admin

      That is by far one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me……Authentic, is very very important in how I see myself. My goal has always been to inspire people by my life in a “prove it” kind of way. I’m not much of a spotlight person, which is why this project was a big jump out of my comfort zone…but growth requires it…and I’m all about growth. You are the kind of person that makes a chef want to create new things…and watch you take the first bite. Thanks for the support!

  • Carol Savage

    I wish I had your discipline with food & exercise but since I don’t, I do have your love of cooking & eating. Well, probably just eating……. I always say “I am the perfect guest, because I like everything”. I love coming to your restaurant because you prepare food in very unusual ways and you fulfill my “bucket list” for trying different things. I only wish it wasn’t so difficult to get seated when we decide to come there at the last minute. I know, everyone else wants to experience your cooking, that’s why it’s so busy there. Keep doing what you do & continue making people happy & satisfied.

    • admin

      Please download the Blackie’s app. You can put yourself on a list and know how many minutes until your table is ready….it will help so much with the wait. Thank you for the compliments. We push ourselves every day and its so nice to hear when we connect with our guests. I love that. The new menu begins May 3rd… and we are really proud of all the new dishes and can’t wait to show them off! Please come visit

  • Babs

    Good food requires a great commitment from the creative chef who inspires the whole team to bring that goal of good food to every customer at every meal. That is no easy task. Your success at Blackie’s didn’t happen by accident. It happened by attention to quality in the products, quality in the cooking staff and quality in the dining experience itself. Keep bringing those wonderful, creative and fresh ideas to your loyal customers. We are blessed to have you bringing the very best dining experience to all of us. Thank You!

    • admin

      You must be a culinary professional to have said what you did. The role of a chef is much more about the staff, training, and motivating than about the food. It is so nice and reassuring when someone notices the effort that we put in with the staff and the menu. Going the extra mile has really always proven to be worth it. Thank you so much for your attention, and your compliments. I am so happy you enjoy Blackie’s!

  • Scott

    Reading your post above was a delight. Great to know a little something about the amazing chef whose culinary cuisine has quickly become some of my favorites. Blackies Buldog Tavern is an outstanding establishment which stands amongst the best! Keep serving us the “unexpected”!

    • admin

      Thank you for reaching out, and certainly the nice compliments…I appreciate it. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy the spring and summer menu, it has lots of unexpected twists and turns!

    • admin

      It was so nice to see you here. Thank you for your support…from the beginning of my career. I’m doing this first and foremost to push myself out of my comfort zone. This is a project I feel so passionate about, but it’s scary to offer up your opinions and really put yourself out there…that’s the beginning of my motivation. I also think I bring a unique perspective and a ton of positive energy to the scene. I want to inspire, and I want to be inspired along the way…so I’m reaching towards more ways to grow! Thank you for asking, I hope you continue to enjoy.

  • Pat Martell

    Hey Angie, well said !
    Let me say you are a great chef and someday I see you as a Famous Chef!! The food is delicious and the presentation is original as well. Anytime I have mentioned Blackie’s I don’t know of anyone that has had a negative comment…..well only 1.

    I always have a wonderful time, enjoy my meal and can’t wait to go back. Thanks to You and Jeanine, Blackie’s is right up there!!

  • Sharon

    I have been into your restaurant many times…brought people with me to experience your culinary genius..and recommended to many others to give it a try. I have to say the underlying vibe , I find , that is a common thread is pure joy. The decor…the food…the staff… It is infectious. I leave Blackie’s with not only a full tummy but a full heart. I look forward to learning more about how you have arrived at this equation… It definitely is a winning combination! A foodie fan forever!

    • admin

      That was very nice of you say about Blackie’s…our goal is that everyone feels at home when they join us. Knowing that you feel that way means so much, thank you!

  • Rooster

    Thanks for the invite. Keep on pursuing your dreams. Every time you come up with something new, I’m always amazed.

  • Diana Bajakian

    I love your Paleo menu and I love French fries.
    Fresh cut only of course.

    Congratulations and many more years of health, wealth, and happiness, to you and your better half.
    Hi Jeannine!!!! ❤️

  • Tracee

    Please please please what can we do to get another restaurant??? I LOVE your twist on food! but frustrating when I can’t get my fix and there is a horrible wait 7 days a week! Maybe a sister restaurant in Cumberland/Lincoln :-O

    • admin

      Tracee- we always have our eyes open for growth opportunities, just haven’t found the right situation yet. Thank you so much for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoy our unique dishes. We have an app that will put you on a wait list…it will help you enjoy instead of stress. The new menu begins soon and we have lots of new exciting dishes coming your way, you don’t want to miss them!

  • Steven Palumbo

    Angie!! Congratulations on your blog! So well-written, funny and HONEST. I wish you every success and happiness that your passion for cooking, and life in general, have to offer. God Bless. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

    • admin

      Thank you so much! Honesty, was at the top of the list. Thank you for reaching out with support…I really appreciate it!

  • Joan V. Conca

    Dear Ange, Al & I are very proud of you.You a very special woman. You are kind,loving,smart and have desire to do all you can in life. Besides being hard worker YOU CAN COOK if you ever need a tester feel free to call us. We love you a little

    • admin

      Joan and Al-

      Two of my favorite people. You are both an inspiration to me. You worked hard, achieved great success together, took on big projects without fear, and built a wonderful life. I admire you both, your story and your life. I appreciate all the conversations, votes of confidence, and open arms you’ve shown me in the past 7 years. I appreciate you in my life and will always be grateful to have you. Thank you for all the support and love!

  • Sue Babin

    Hi Angie!
    Thanks for sharing your personal perspective. You are inspiring! Blackies is an incredible restaurant. The choices for food items are diverse and incredible, presentation is totally amazing and whatever I choose is always excellent! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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